Panos Papadopoulos

Upskilling the world with LearnWorlds

Learning is at the core of what makes us human and allows us to build our civilization. Over the last few years and thanks to the Internet, we are living in a renaissance of learning, where everyone is liberated from the limitations of location. One can access the vast amount of knowledge that is available online, and the only limitation is their willingness and time to devote to learning. This fundamental shift has also created a huge opportunity for educators around the world, who want to capitalize on their skills and knowledge by attracting students from all over the world.

Today we are excited to share our investment in LearnWorlds, a company that provides educators with all the tools they need to create highly interactive educational content, host it online, monetize it and market it to existing and new audiences. It already counts more than 1000 customers – educators and organizations around the world that are using its platform to educate more than a hundred thousand people across the globe.

The founders Panos, George and Fanis have been working on educational technology for the good part of the last 15 years. Their mission has always been to create innovative educational solutions, enabling educators to leverage the best educational methods and technology. Their product has blazed the trail for hundreds of people around the world to monetize their skills. LearnWorlds has helped create online schools that some of them have already surpassed $1M in revenue!

LearnWorlds enjoys a diverse user base. There are online academies created by the platform that range from teaching people skills like sous vide cooking, knitting, branding or even cutting edge Big Data technologies. End users range from individuals who want to learn a new skill or hobby up to users of enterprise software companies that are investing in the success of their customers. The ease of use of the platform has already made LearnWorlds stand out as a world leader in user review websites like G2 Crowd and Capterra.

The LearnWorlds team is heavily invested in the success of their own customers. Their support team is one of the best we have ever seen. They provide educational content through their own platform to their customers in order to help them succeed. We have rarely seen a company with this kind of devotion to their customers.

We are excited to lead LearnWorlds’ seed round, and for the opportunity to work with Panos, George and Fanis, introducing meaningfully new experiences to education and a new world of opportunity for educators around the world.