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Causaly Raises $60 Million Series B Led by ICONIQ Growth

Five years ago, Yiannis Kiachopoulos and Artur Saudabayev started with a simple observation – that the corpus of scientific literature grows exponentially. At the same time, the amount of time scientists spend reading remains the same.

Especially in pharma, where each new drug discovery typically takes ten years and costs a billion dollars, missing out on available evidence results in failed experiments and slows down the pace of pharmaceutical innovation.

Yiannis and Artur founded Causaly with a mission to leverage the latest developments in AI to equip biomedical researchers with omniscient superpowers, enabling breakthrough therapeutic innovations faster than ever before.

At Marathon, we have been privileged to serve as the first institutional investor in the company by leading its seed round and doubling down in all consecutive rounds ever since.

And it has been fulfilling to watch them bring together a stellar team that is moving the industry forward and delivering towards such a formidable mission, step by step, every day.

Currently, Causaly is leading the market with a best-in-class AI platform that empowers scientists to deeply understand the underlying biology and expedite research for some of the most complex and unsolved diseases of our age.

Its platform digests the entirety of available scientific evidence among research publications, clinical trials, and everything in between to identify causal relationships and make them easy to find and reproduce in a totally transparent way that scientists can trust.

The company recently tripled its revenue and customers, currently serving twelve out of the top 20 global pharma companies, along with leading organizations, such as Gilead, Novo Nordisk, Regeneron, the FDA, and the NIEHS.

Today, we are excited to share that Causaly raised a $60 million Series B, led by ICONIQ Growth, along with our existing partners at Index Ventures, Pentech and EBRD, as well as prominent industry figures, such as the former Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson.

The company is now bound to grow across geographies and functions, accelerate its platform investments, and partner with customers in ingesting proprietary data to truly transform the way research is done today.

As AI is taking the world by storm, Causaly is pioneering some of its most tangible and demanding use cases, helping already, as we speak, many of the leading pharma and life sciences institutions to achieve preclinical discoveries at a pace never experienced before.

From the outset, we have witnessed the remarkable caliber and ambition of the Causaly team. Now coupled with new top-notch partners and ample resources, we feel certain – AI will have a material impact in developing breakthrough therapies, and Causaly is leading the way to a better future.