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Ariadne Raises $7 Million Series A

Commercial Real Estate, one of the largest asset classes on earth, still lacks a modern operating system. CRE operators are effectively flying blind, missing basic tools to monitor and optimize the use of their assets. Even core metrics such as the number of visitors and their dwell time are just not in place yet.

State of the art solutions including cameras are inaccurate and non-compliant, as well as overly expensive, rendering themselves inadequate for the task. As a matter of fact, many operators still rely on legacy systems, including manual counting or purely empirical insights...

Ariadne's pioneering technology senses anonymous signals emitted by smartphones to track the flow of people in a broad area. It is plug-and-play and low cost, fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and similar regulations by design, while it requires no app, network connection or cameras.


Capturing visitors with industry-leading accuracy, Ariadne enables a wealth of real-time information never existed before: detailed people counting analytics for each area and product; visitor trajectories, heatmaps and flows; queue minimization and employee scheduling; also, subject to opt-in, navigation and micro-targeting.

A broad array of leading organizations worldwide, such as a prominent Swedish furniture retailer, a top real estate asset manager in Germany, the most decorated airport in Asia and a similarly esteemed one in the US, have been leveraging Ariadne to optimize their use of real estate with remarkable results.

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The company is helping organizations across verticals, such as retail, transportation, hospitality and government, to understand, analyze and optimize customer journeys and conversion rates. After all, Ariadne's platform is equipping real estate operators to address their most critical challenges, such as efficient employee utilization, auditable asset evaluation and hyper-targeted visitor communication.

In various cases, Ariadne's customers have been reporting double-digit improvements in sales, cost savings and net promoter score. Essentially, Ariadne enables real estate to perform better, providing a stack of tools that was never available before.

Today, the company is announcing the completion of a $7 million Series A round to further establish its position as a technology leader in the industry and serve its rapidly increasing demand across verticals and geographies.

Cofounders Georgios Pipelidis, Nikos Tsiamitros and team have brought a revolutionary offering to a massive market. We keep being amazed by its reception and inspired by the team's relentless drive. In a rare decision for us, we are thrilled to lead a consecutive round and help Ariadne accelerate further.