We pay attention to people first. These are the core qualities that we look for in founders.


We believe tech startups are built by people who dream, breathe and make tech. If there is no maker on your founding team, we will pass. We are geeks ourselves, impress us.

Purpose driven

Purpose is what supplies the mental strength needed to opt against compromise and overcome obstacles. A sense of purpose is the ultimate motivation we want to see in you.


What matters the most to us is not where you are or where you have been but where you want to go. We believe that ambition is more important than skills, and will drive you to acquire them.


The pursuit of change, a new truth, the desire to find a better way to do things is what drives greatness. We do not like marginal improvements. We want your curiosity to take you places.


Honesty is the best policy. Being open and telling the truth saves a lot of time. This is the foundation of our partnership and should be the foundation of the culture you want to create.


Individually we accomplish little; together we can do so much. There is no success in startupland if you are not a magnet for talent. Moreover you will need to be able retain the talent you attract. Collaboration, leadership, delegation should be watchwords.


We want you to be able to adapt and thrive globally. There may be a lot of traveling, international recruiting and relocation on the road ahead. Embrace this and you can build a world-class company.


There is no playbook for your startup. It falls to you to write it. Startup literature has democratized best practices, yet it always takes your own special sauce to make it happen. What is common knowledge, what you already know, will not necessarily apply here.

We help ambitious founders build world-class companies

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