Thaleia Misailidou

I came across the startup world in 2011 in my first job in Munich. We were helping startups secure the next fundraising round from the right VC and navigate strategic turnarounds or exit.

I was fascinated by tech and how it was making life easier and business smarter.

I later had the opportunity to work on billion-dollar IPO and M&A deals with extremely passionate and smart people at Merrill Lynch. I stayed in the UK for another three happy years until George told me about his plans for Marathon. It could not have been a better fit.

In advisory roles throughout the years, I always enjoyed enabling others to show their full potential. Switching to the investment side, I found that value is created every day, and the most exciting part of my every day has been working with a founder to make their vision come true. 

Once I build conviction on a founder's vision, I will work with them tirelessly in good and bad times.

In 2017, with the goal to support the CEOs and CFOs of the broader Greek ecosystem, I co-founded, along with colleagues from the most prominent Greek startups, the Greek Tech Finance Network: a collaborative community of like-minded finance professionals, working with startups based in Greece.

I am a geek, a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Financial Engineering. I like math, Robotics, AI, gaming, but also complicated spreadsheets.