Director of Talent

Sanne Goslinga

I grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called St. Maarten. You might have seen the signature photo of a plane landing right above the beach – this is it! It was there that I learned about the importance of community. 

After studying Sport Management, Business and Human Resource Management in the Netherlands and Australia, and a short stint in event management and academia, I was first introduced to the startup community in Berlin. I joined Sociomantic Labs as the 25th employee and built out the talent functions. Less than two years later, the company had grown to over 250 employees in 17 countries and was acquired by Tesco. A few months later I joined Wayfair, a large US ecommerce player, and started the process of scaling their European business. By the time I left we were over 2500 employees across Europe. 

After more than five years at Wayfair I joined Hotjar, a remote-only startup. Hotjar’s environment intrigued me as it exposed me to new ways of working as well as introduced me to the challenge of cultivating team culture and collaboration without the ability to have daily face to face interactions. It was a great learning experience, one which in the present state of work, has offered me a lot of insight. 

In recent years, as we were traveling back and forth between Berlin and Athens, my partner (who is Greek) and I decided after the birth of our baby that we wanted to move to Athens. We always contemplated the move and were convinced there was a lot of unexplored potential. We were excited to see the Greek startup ecosystem grow over the years and wanted to be part of this progression

I am thrilled to have joined Marathon and put my past experience to work with a form that is set to change the course of Greek innovation and entrepreneurship. Knowing that I get to work with the ambitious founders of Marathon’s portfolio companies as they build their teams and scale is very exciting. 

The community of Greek entrepreneurs and startups continues to grow; it is building and cultivating these communities that inspires me. 

Beyond my fascination for the startup world, I also have a passion for sports, both watching and participating. I used to be a triathlete, swim coach and runner, nowadays I’m mostly playing and running after my newest passion, my little one.