Chris Gasteratos .


I started trading stocks when I was still a teenager. My first investment was in a German semiconductor manufacturer in 2010. Investing in tech helped me discover the people behind the numbers.

Losing money over and again in the early years taught me a few lessons. I realized it takes a lot of effort to find open-minded people willing to take a risk on you.

By the time I turned 21, I had my own trading business with more than 40 clients and seven-digit firepower. My first job offer came in from one of the big four. I was off to a great start. Then I discovered startups.

I tried to set up a trading platform for startup equity. People liked the idea. I found myself receiving praise and awards, things were looking good and yet doomed to fail.

George Tziralis was the only person prepared to offer brutally honest feedback. A week later we shut the whole thing down.

I like to debate both sides of an argument and relentlessly search for the facts to build my angle.

I joined Marathon during fundraising. We took the time to leverage the tools at hand and map out the immense wealth of the broader global Greek community.

A sprinter, and an event-driven investor, turning marathon runner, and joining venture capital.
Long view is the price of maturity, I guess.

I ask all the silly questions so your next investor will not have to.