Chris Gasteratos

I started trading stocks when I was still a teenager. My first investment was in a German semiconductor manufacturer in 2010. There hasn’t been a day I haven’t watched the ticker since.

Losing money over and again in the early years taught me a few lessons. Patience and risk management are critical. The world is massive, and opportunities are everywhere if only you are prepared to go after them.

By the time I turned 21, I managed a growing portfolio of more than 40 clients and seven-digit firepower. I had a head start to a career in finance. Then I discovered startups.

I tried to set up a trading platform for startup equity. People liked the idea. I found myself receiving praise and awards. Things were looking good and yet doomed to fail.

George Tziralis was the only person prepared to offer brutally honest feedback. A week later, we shut the whole thing down.

I joined Marathon during fundraising. We took the time to leverage the tools at hand and map out the immense wealth of the broader global Greek community.

Now I focus on the deal creation side of the business, discovering brilliant founders creating the next big thing. 

Learning about technologies and markets from founders has been the most outstanding educational experience. 

The sheer value you receive in each meeting pays compounding dividends in the long run.

Absorbing knowledge is my sport, and spreading too thin my constant worry. I follow a lot of topics from history to engineering and from economics to astrophysics. I can barely keep up with them and organize all this input. 

I am not becoming an expert in any field; this could shield me from ever arguing from authority in the future. It’s my strategy to stay foolish and hungry.

I (still) ask all the silly questions so your next investor won’t have to.