Alex Alexakis

I first got interested in the world of startups back in university, when I started working on different side-projects with my flatmates in London. From a mobile gaming application to a platform for machine learning engineers, I found myself getting involved in areas such as product management, user experience, and growth.

Even though none of these took off, they served their purpose well as they unveiled one thing:

My passion is building software products users love alongside ambitious people.

For about six years, I worked as a Product Manager for two of the highest-growth startups coming out of Greece, joining their product teams early on. First at Workable, as the Product Manager of the candidate sourcing product line, and then at Blueground, to lead the booking platform.

I learned a ton by watching from the inside two early-stage ventures scaling up. What stood out the most was setting up the right foundations of a product development process from product discovery to delivery, as well as building a top-notch product and engineering team. Leaving a corporate job in London to join a startup in Greece was a bold move, but looking back it definitely paid off.

I felt more people had to hear that Greek founders build world-class startups.

In 2020, I created a medium covering Greek startups, called Greek Startup Pirate. It quickly grew to become a reference point for the community with news, interviews with founders, analyses and surfacing job opportunities through a Twitter account and a newsletter.

My passion to build a community around startups, product, and growth, led me to meet with Panos and George. When we discussed Marathon and their vision to help Greek founders build world-class technology companies, while putting community-building first, it was an instant match. I couldn't be more excited to join this journey.

Apart from geeking out on startups and tech, you can also find me snowboarding, doing yoga, or playing basketball.