Jon Vlachogiannis.

Founder, Bugsense


  • Established in 2011
  • Raised $100k, built a team of 13
  • Reached $1m ARR by 1k paid clients, incl. Fortune 500
  • Top 5 most used mobile tool, according to Accenture
  • Acquired in 2.5 years by NASDAQ:SPLK
  • 20x multiple to investors

Jon Vlachogiannis and Panos Papadopoulos were fed up with trying to figure out what was going wrong in complex software systems. They thought aggregating errors from various sources would help fellow developers find the needle in the haystack.

This was the insight behind BugSense, launched in 2011. The response of the mobile community was overwhelming. Jon found his nascent startup at the intersection of massive growth in mobile and an increasing need for reliable developer tools.

It was the chemistry with Panos that made BugSense a success. From pitching investors to attracting talent to running product, I couldn�t have done it without him.

Today, BugSense has been acquired by Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) and Panos is part of our team at Marathon. The September 2013 acquisition enabled Splunk's vast customer base to analyze machine data generated by mobile devices & applications. Putting these together with other machine-generated data gave the monitoring powerhouse an edge in the market.

I am grateful for my partnership with Panos and look forward to his next successful ventures.