Panos PapadopoulosPanos Papadopoulos

Putting Data Analysis In Context With Avrio

Every company is becoming data-driven, but the actual process of squeezing insights out of data is incredibly frustrating for most companies. Most dashboards that are used in businesses today fail. At best, they deliver only a fraction of the insight that is needed to monitor the business, as the context is usually missing and trapped in some presentation or conversation.

Even though sophisticated companies are centralizing all their data in cloud data warehouses and have myriads of data analysts answering questions and creating dashboards, the way we aggregate this information, share it, and collaborate on top of it hasn’t changed much. Usually, it comes in the form of a pdf export or a screenshot that is then distributed via Slack, email, or even print. It’s hard to find context, previous conversations, or compare the different snapshots in time.

Avrio fixes this! It provides the tools and workflows to enable easy capture of data across the web and business applications, centralize in project-specific repositories and allow the data with its context to re-emerge inside tools like Slack, email, or in the future Salesforce, Notion, Confluence, etc. Here at Marathon we are already big users of Avrio in our research efforts for companies and market. In a remote-first world, it is critical that all team members are on the same page with regard to key data insights and events that affect the whole company, not just silos.

I met Andrew for the first time in San Francisco back in 2016, when he was working on his previous startup and I was impressed by his product skills and understanding of online distribution. I was really excited when he told us that his cofounder in Avrio is Natalie, a PM leader at, a company that has pioneered the prototyping market. Backing a repeat team of fantastic entrepreneurs with a great idea in a category near and dear to my heart was a no-brainer. On top of that, Andrew has built an amazing community of operators through his podcast and we are delighted to welcome Patrick Thompson (Iteratively), Bob Moore (Crossbeam), Emily González-Cebrián Lombán (Froged), Andrus Purde (Outfunnel), Jiaqi Pan (Landbot), Argyris Argyrou (Foody), Michael Oikonomou (Foody), and Sançar Sahin (Oliva) as angel investors in the $830k pre-seed round.

As you might expect we are hiring across various roles to build the future of data collaboration.