Panos PapadopoulosPanos Papadopoulos

Lambda Automata Raises €6 Million to Defend Western Democracies

We first invested in Lambda Automata on October 28th, 2021, a date symbolizing Greece’s historic resistance against fascism—a pertinent echo in today’s renewed era of global power competition. Lambda Automata is building the digital backbone for the age of autonomous warfare.

Launched by a team which combines previous experience from Apple, Palantir, and the Hellenic Army Academy, Lambda Automata is building an ambitious range of AI-first hardware and software products for western democracies that delivers real-time, analyst-grade intelligence about a critical theater. As Western adversaries are rewriting the rules of warfare with inexpensive and innovative weapons, it is high time for Europe and its allies to build massive and cost-efficient defensive systems.

In the two years since our original investment we observed the Lambda Automata team operating with an exceptional sense of mission and creating products that span hardware, software and AI. Visiting their office, you get the original Silicon Valley startup vibes. High skill meets mission. Their systems are already deployed for wildfire monitoring but also land border and coastal surveillance.

Lambda Automata's approach to complex systems—elevating quality while substantially reducing costs—has rightfully garnered attention. While Greece serves as an ideal incubator for breakthroughs in civil protection (wildfires, floods) and defense (maritime and land borders), it's worth noting that the challenges Lambda Automata addresses are not confined to its home country; they resonate across the European landscape.

Today, the company announces a 6M EUR round led by Air Street Capital (UK) with the participation from 201 Ventures (Spain), HCVC (France), Entropy Industrial Capital and Marathon Venture Capital. With the proceeds, the company will increase its R&D team, launch new products and build a new foothold in the UK as it expands internationally. The international roster of investors in this round speaks volumes about our collective determination in European Strategic Autonomy.

We are privileged to be day one partners with Lambda Automata in their mission to protect the security and prosperity of 1 billion people residing in European democracies and allied nations.