Panos PapadopoulosPanos Papadopoulos

InAccel joins Intel

Chris Kachris, Yiannis Stamelos, and Elias Koromilas have been distinguished researchers, open-source advocates, and skilled practitioners in the field of FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) management and orchestration. They approached us with an innovative vision to create a cutting-edge platform for managing and orchestrating FPGA resources, aiming to revolutionize the way these resources are utilized in computing environments for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Impressed by their profound expertise and the interest by leading players in the sector, we were thrilled to support their venture, InAccel, based in Athens, Greece, with a seed investment.

Fast forward, and we are thrilled to announce that Intel has acquired InAccel. This acquisition enables Intel’s FPGA business to extend its management and orchestration capabilities, significantly advancing its offerings in high-performance computing solutions. Intel is incorporating InAccel’s technological prowess and intellectual property, with the entire InAccel team transitioning to become part of Intel’s FPGA division.

For us at Marathon, the acquisition of InAccel by Intel is mixed with emotions, as we have witnessed Chris, Yiannis, and Elias, along with their team, achieve remarkable progress and fulfill their promise as visionary founders. They have built a world-class solution, realized their product’s vision, and captured the industry’s attention in a notable way.

Nevertheless, this transition represents a fantastic development for everyone at InAccel, and we are eager to see the impact they will make within Intel. The Intel FPGA division is fortunate to welcome such an accomplished, innovative, and dedicated group of industry pioneers. We at Marathon feel privileged to have been part of their journey.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Chris, Yiannis, and Elias for allowing us to be their partner through this adventure, and we look forward to partnering again in the future.