George Tziralis

Bota Systems Gives Robots the Sense of Touch

Every year, half a million new industrial robots are put to work. Their range of tasks is getting broader – from handling to welding to assembling, the list goes on. Their underlying operating principles, however, remain the same. Essentially, a robotic arm is being programmed to move from point A to point B. And it actually does, with unprecedented consistency and precision, that often goes down to nanometers.

Such phenomenal performance is empowering modern manufacturing. Compared to manual labor, though, there are still properties that a robot cannot match. A fundamental one is the sense of touch. A worker can sense where her arm needs to be and refine her moves in each iteration. However, a robot just fails to adapt if an item is not exactly where it should be or its shape proves slightly different...

Zurich-based Bota Systems is enabling force sensitive robots. Its advanced, in-house developed force torque sensors with built-in electronics and proprietary AI integrate into a robotic arm, unlocking new skills and previously impossible tasks. Essentially, the company equips robots with flexibility and adaptability, which is critical for a number of functions that have yet to be adequately served, such as polishing complex surfaces, assembling delicate parts, or doing interactive tasks such as electric vehicle charging.

Bota Systems was founded by Klajd Lika and Ilias Patsiaouras, two NTUA alumni, and spun out of the ETH Robotics lab in 2020. The company already serves hundreds of customers in over 30 countries, including leading research and industrial ones, and collaborates with a network of distributors and robotic integrators globally.


Today, we are excited to announce the completion of a $2.5 million seed round in Bota Systems led by Marathon Venture Capital, along with the participation of angel investors. The round will help the company grow to serve more leading customers globally and further accelerate its ambitious product roadmap.

Klajd, Ilias and team are on a mission towards wider robot adoption by enhancing robotic capabilities to sense and interact with their workspace. We feel privileged to be part of this journey and look forward to helping to make it a reality.