George TziralisGeorge Tziralis

Alex ‘Greek Startup Pirate’ Alexakis Joins Marathon

At Marathon, we have been on a mission to help our startup community grow. We started our journey with the Open Coffee community in the first place, and we believe our success is perfectly aligned with the success of our Greeks in Tech peers.

One of the initiatives within our community that recently captured our attention was the Greek Startup Pirate, an online persona with a newsletter and a twitter account covering everything about Greek startups in a refreshing way.

We were happy to find out that behind the pirate is Alex Alexakis, a fellow community member that I happened to know from the early days of Workable. Alex had joined early on some of the fastest-growing companies in our ecosystem, helping them craft their offerings, messaging, and growth in a product management capacity.

Today, we are excited to share that Alex is joining our team as an Analyst. He will keep doing what he does best – tracking every development and amplifying the message of our community, while helping the companies we have the privilege to work with to build on their narrative and product-led growth initiatives.

We can testify a community can help you go a long way and, with Alex’s addition, we are reiterating our commitment to it. These are exciting times for Greek startups – there are fantastic developments all around, and there are many more to come. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow the Greek Startup Pirate to get all the updates!