A founder has three core tasks: to set the vision of the company; to build the team that can deliver this vision; and to secure the resources for the team to make it happen.

We want to make sure that you deliver in every way on all three. Our experience will help you to focus on what really matters to become successful.


We lead seed rounds by investing an amount of €500k to €1M in exchange of 15-20% of equity. We offer industry-standard, founder-friendly terms. We follow up to maintain our pro-rata in Series A rounds led by international investors.


We help you build an employer brand and hire amazing people. We maintain a good overview of the available talent pool in our community and assist you in finding the best.

Legal and compliance

Great companies are well-run companies. We help you set up shop, run a proper operation and establish a level of compliance that makes certain you will shine in future due diligence.


We have built an understanding of what it takes for a seed stage company to get to the next level. We help you build your product and go-to-market strategy, making sure that you invest your time and assets on what�s important.


have co-invested with some of the best funds in the world. We measure our success by the caliber of your next investors, who will help us take your company to the next level. We will figure out who you should be talking to, introduce you to them and make sure you are well-prepared. As long as you deliver, future fundraising will not be an issue.


Success in the startup world requires access to an extensive network of people: top talent, key executives, trusted advisors, forward thinking customers, experienced board members, world-class investors. We could not be more proud of the network we have built and we are excited to make you a part of it.

An enduring human relationship

Entrepreneurship is said to be a lonely journey. It does not have to be. First and foremost, we build transparent, sincere and long lasting relationships. We exist to be the first people you turn to for a little advice or even a bit of emotional support.